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Choose from hundreds of unique ".com" domain names with logos for your new project...

Here at Namerific we're a marketplace for unique .com domains which are packaged as new business names, product names, app names, blog names, website names, and more. We have an awesome, diverse selection of ready-to-use brand names in more than 20 categories along with logos from top designers. If you need some help choosing a name just let us know!

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From `Hacienda` providing gentle Spanish overtones. Possible real estate connotations.
1199.0000 1199.0000
A characterized version of the word 'typer'.
6999.0000 6999.0000
A solid generic name that can be used for virtually anything in the fields of medicine, industrial services, pro sports, apparel, and much more. This name has serious, timeless appeal, with a cool and classy vibe.
1799.0000 1799.0000
A very strong, cool, intriguing and extremely brandable 'Monster' brand name, perfect For: Auto Repairs, Home Repairs, Computer Repairs or any other kind of repairs business.
4999.0000 4999.0000
Fun and unique name, a take on illuminate with a great example of a negative space logo with hidden features like the light bulb above the 'U'.<br /> Great for games, furniture, lighting,<br /> interior design, art, photography and<br /> creative services
1299.0000 1299.0000
From 'spry' meaning 'agile', 'energetic', 'active'. A name for those on-the-go.
2799.0000 2799.0000
Now here is a commitment - CelebFit - to create a product or service that celebrities would love. High end clothing or specialty brands, being trained in a top-notch fitness club. People love celebrities!
1999.0000 1999.0000
Premium name which can suit the business sector greatly. Perfect for anything which is a business directory, business services, a business searching tool, and much more. Domain is aged since 1999.
49999.0000 49999.0000
Prepare for battle with this phenomenal action title that epitomizes power, energy, excitement, and capability. The juxtaposition of “battle” and “action” creates a heroic character that bestows on its namesake a sense of strength, stamina, efficiency, and victory over the competition. This name is ideal for computer and console action game
A very strong and sonorous title with international appeal, Meroza is a combination of 'mer', the French word for 'sea', and 'oza', the Japanese word meaning 'throne'. With such strong sounds and vivid imagery, this is the perfect brandable name for a global brand. An ideal name for a shipping company, a cargo insurer, a media business, an importer
A catchy Spanish word for 'mischief', Malicho adds a little spice to this name. Easy to pronounce and having an exotic flair, it fairly rolls of the tongue. A fun character in a children's book, a spicy food kiosk, anything in the entertainment arena or teaching tools for children.
An professional title for a financial institution, from a corporate bank to an investment group or insurance company. The adjective 'millennial' creates a sense of longevity, prestige and long-term thinking, making it ideal for the themes of capital growth and wealth generation. This name would also be perfect for a venture capital firm, retirement
Here's a name that breaths longivity - a mix of perennial,(lasting for an indefinitely long time), and millennium (a thousand years). A solid business name that oozes confidence and reliability.
Unilesson says there is 'one' lesson. One can imply first (as in number 1), most important, sum of the total (one of a kind). Combined with lesson would make the lesson not only important, but the first and foremost lesson you need. Excellent educational name for schools, courses, therapy groups - to learn and be instructed.
The initials SRM have been applied to computing, technology and even chemistry (as in beer). Used in conjunction with the word 'Open', it creates a brand that identifies it from the rest. Open also gives the feeling of more possibilities and developments and is often used along with open source software or marketing.
Ideal for that 'grassroots' support organization to help those in need. Can also be used as a name to symbolize a site for crowd-sourcing or funding from peer groups.
A nice name for a dance studio, a dance equipment store or manufacturer, an oldschool nightclub, a company that teaches dancing, and more.
Here a is a word describing an ideology - a comprehensive vision, a way of looking at things. Prosperity is plenty, comfort, security - the good life! A business that promotes success and a happy future would love this name. Great for secure investing, a better lifestyle, and successful business.
Get your news on with A great brand identity for a college & community site with enough social applications and cross marketing opportunities to launch your successful biz.
A playful title with bold African roots, perfect for any international organization, such as an importer / exporter, safari tours company, farming enterprise, or manufacturer.
This incredibly versatile name, that's all about how things 'sift' or are shaken up, is perfect for a start-up, tech-minded biz, app or toy developer.
This unique name begins with the prefix 'indo' meaning India or Indian. Sentris is like sentry or a security implication, as in Microsoft Sentris - a Navy security platform. International and denoting safety, this brand would be perfect for an online security software or any safety equipment.
Got Merch? A great name for a clothing and merchandise web store. Also great name for a company wanting to deal specifically with sports related merchandise.
A bold name that confidently mixes classical and futuristic. A sense of antiquity is afforded by the root words 'century' or 'centurion', and a modern, techie feel is bestowed by the suffix which sounds like 'ionic' or 'bionic'. The overall effect created is one of the passage of time and mastery over ones environment; like the contrast of the roma
Starting with the word 'zen', this name delivers a feeling of peace and relaxation. Imagine a Zenular bedding line, or stress relief products. It would also work for lifestyle stores that promote well-being and satisfaction.
A solid techie title, where NS refers to 'name server' or 'namespace', and 'domain' is the currency of the internet! This is ideal for a hosting company, domain registrar, domaining forum, internet oversight body or domain name marketplace. It is also perfect for a web technology company, web service or web programmer. NS could also stand for sever
A broad spectrum name that has been associated with financial analysts and institutional investors. Sentixa picks up on the word 'index' often used in trading. Web solutions, investors, asset management, and corporations.
A name that sounds like 'monsoon' and evokes a sleek, zen like feel that is versatile, appealing, and smooth to say! The perfect addition for any venture.
A daring title with an inviting tone to enter the lion's den! Great for a pet website or perhaps as a strong brand for clothing, watches, accessories, or gadget sales.
A premier brandable name derived from the word 'prime', which means 'of the first importance or rank' or 'of the greatest commercial value'. If you plan on becoming an authority in your field and the leader in your market, would be the perfect name for your company. Would make an excellent title for a finance firm or investment product
'Keep it local!' the community says. A local sponsor represents the community and attracts customers. It also is a person or organization that provides funds for a project or activity. An investment firm, promotional, advertising, charity and small business support.
Sounded exactly like Informer when spoken, it retains its identity meaning someone who informs or reveal the truth about something. A newspaper can be called the Informer or a detective will hire an informer to seek privileged information.
A fun, clever play on the phrase: 'off to the races!'. Rolls off the tongue nicely and is extremely brandable. Ideas for use include a sports company or performance venue.
A modern expression, 'kickass' means something is really cool or for someone to be forceful and aggressive. A kickass logo would be really impressive and way above the competition. Logo and web designers would be saying a lot with this 'not to be ignored' name!
A great name for anything in the medical field, as well as the sensory fields (fire, carbon dioxide, flooding, etc), along with companies which use touch or vision-based technologies.
Two descriptive words when paired, EducatePro, will help your business hone in on an important niche: education. This excellent name can be used as an online resource for: networking, public speaking, blog and outreach. Combine any and all, and stand out!
A memorable brand name based on the popular word 'Craft.' The perfect name for a craft-based site, arts and crafts blog, design team.
A short memorable catchy cool name that hints at glitzy. With an Italian ending, 'azzo,' this name is 'blazing' with possibilities. Perfect for a fun name for a blog, storefront, or even app/game name.
A distinctive combo name of Tour and Guardian that assures of a safe and successful travel. A travel agency arranging tours in foreign countries can build trust that the customer's trip will be a success. Guardian could be a security person designated to assist the traveler on his journey. It could even apply as an internet anti-malware virus prote
This powerful name, reminiscent of ignition, suggests a gearing up for success. The 'izon' suffix from horizon suggests a broadness of vision and endless potential. Great for any international business, such as a manufacturer, finance firm, auto company, or technology business.
Indo can refer to India, Indonesia or mixed cultures. Courier or mail delivery goes well with Indo as it shows the expanse of the territory being serviced. A courier service, international deliveries, social site, or global enterprise.
Bentley has become the touchstone of excellence with the luxury of Bentley cars for over 90 years. Representing the finest in its class, Bentley Mortgage would be a streamlined mortgage company offering attractive loan packages and nothing but the best in customer service.
This strong name is an attention-grabbing combo of ‘web’ and ‘stamina’. It stresses the admirable qualities of endurance, strength, toughness, and indicates that your business is equipped to go the distance! A perfect fit for an online marketing company, a search engine optimization tool, service or educational resource, a website analysis
An exotic, stately name with solid brandability. While the pronunciation is easy and unambiguous, it exhibits aural similarities to ‘nummy door’ and ‘new me door’, which suggest applicability in the food and beauty industries. Furthermore, it sounds close to ‘Numidia’, the name of an ancient African kingdom. This great domain would be i
Totally original! Can refer to anything that wants to stand out in the crowd. A snack shop or confectionery, mobile food unit, a quirky candy shop. This combo word is spunky and creates a happy atmosphere.
A sexy Spanish title to call out to your customers! Derived from ‘Respondo’ which stands for ‘answer’ or ‘reply’ in Spanish. This name has a sonorous, sensual sound that rolls off the tongue. The initial ‘E’ suggests ‘electronic’ or ‘entertainment’, making it ideal for any online service or entertainment business; including
A solid combination featuring the noticeable word 'Whopping' which is defined as 'enormous, immense, or colossal,' making this mighty title worthy of a valid media or advertising venture.
A modern-styled name with usability in anything such as personal accessories, technology, and much more.
An eminent title that will help your business soar to new heights! The prefix 'Alta' is Spanish for 'high' or 'tall'. This suggests a place of elevation, emphasizing stature, status and ascension. Ideal for any global business, from an airline, to a financial institution, to a hotel chain or real estate developer.
Generate unlimited revenue with this one of a kind, lighthearted name! Great for an advertising platform, employment agency, or education service.
A modern, futuristic name with an intriguing sound for a myriad of potential uses. Suitable for technology, design, fashion, gaming, software, or international business, amongst others.
A name that suggests abundance, the key word 'plentiful' lends itself well to a blog, biz, product or service in a variety of industries. Health, wellness, creative, financial, advertising.
Your business can soar into the stratosphere with this bold and commanding name. Suitable for any company wanting to communicate ambition and growth.
A dependable name for anything related to Europe, whether it be shopping, an automotive brand, or clothing.
A stately and distinguished name, combining ‘gravitas’ and ‘status’. You will have both with this imposing title, inducing customers to gravitate towards your business. A noble fit for any international corporation, a financial institution, a retirement fund, an insurance company, a luxury goods retailer, an elite gentlemen's club or matchm
An excellent play on 'high rise', this careers title is perfect for a job board, an employment agency, careers consultancy, psychometric testing company, or salary comparison website.
A vital name full of energy and excitement! It calls to mind the natural power and dynamism of the ocean, and the raw rush of surfing! It also suggests a strong, unstoppable force with far-reaching effects. This would be perfect for a news company, a marketing business, a fashion or clothing producer, a surfing equipment brand, an adventure tours c
Perfect for a website or blog that helps people maximize their investments or teaches them how to run a business from home with the internet or stock market. An amazing brand that customers will not forget! Great name for a business opportunity brand as well.
A cool sounding technical name based on the root word 'byte'. Suitable for anything in software and technology.
Nuvika captures the spirit for the exotic. It can relate to ethnic specialty imports or native hand crafted gifts. As well, it has an luxury sound for a high end cosmetic or clothing line. With its international flair, it can apply to manufacturing corporations and even a lifestyle complex.
A name which is often referred to as the animal name 'wombat'. Fun name for a variety of markets.

Great service and I appreciate the uber-fast turnaround by the way. You've got a great business model going here. - Rich K.