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Here at Namerific we're a marketplace for unique .com domains which are packaged as new business names, product names, app names, blog names, website names, and more. We have an awesome, diverse selection of ready-to-use brand names in more than 20 categories along with logos from top designers. If you need some help choosing a name just let us know!

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A client is an application or system that accesses a service made available by a server. The name ZipClient just means it's done fast!
3499.0000 3499.0000
Coming from the meaningful word 'Loyal' which is important in life and in business.
1299.0000 1299.0000
Derived from the words 'mental' and 'core'.
2399.0000 2399.0000
A more economical version of 'Dollar Shave Club.' Can be used to create a site selling bevel razors, since bevel razor blades cost under a nickel each.
2999.0000 2999.0000
A smart, catchy name from 'intrepid', meaning 'fearless'. Suitable for a security firm, a private investigation agency, etc.
1399.0000 1399.0000
Amazing brand that can be used for nearly any application related to technology, security or business. Purchase of this domain includes,, and (a rare combination!).
94999.0000 94999.0000
Fun name with a cool space-like sound to it. Sounds reminiscent to 'galactic'. Could be applied to just about any market.
8999.0000 8999.0000
A play on the word 'swipe'. Highly memerable as it's a single-syllable name. Ideal name for businesses with mobile or touchscreen technologies.
8999.0000 8999.0000
Rev things up and get your 'buzz on with, 'LuluLatte', combining the italian word for 'milk', but also synonymous to a coffee beverage, and 'Lulu', a short form of Louise.
Central to 'neuro' meaning 'relating to nerves or the nervous system', this name can connect with more than just the body, but technology and beyond.
A name that would bode well for the pharmaceutical industry, perfect for a medicine, as 'nixu' is Latin for 'pain'.
Whether it's transport, intended as self-referential, or the Azerbaijanian word for 'grain', it would also work well for pharmaceuticals, or a medicine.
Worthy of a mention in Urban Dictionary, 'PinkFactor' can mean almost anything associated with the color; fashion, politics, breast cancer awareness, women's rights.
'BTU' is most often used as a measure of power, so capture this name perfect for steam generation, heating, and air conditioning industries, or agricultural energy production.
A three syllable name that combines 'beva' the Italian word for 'drink', and the dutch word for 'ordered'.
A short and brandable name derived from the words 'Nutrition' & 'Nutrient'.Perfect name for a nutrition related app.
'Meta' is self-referential, it's also short for 'meta key' a function key on a keyboard activated by holding down a control key. Combine with 'style' and you have a new filing system or service for data.
A name that suggests fluidity and water. Possibly robotic machining solutions, or a modernized water jet system.
An all encompassing name that focuses on the United Kingdom as a destination, an import export biz, or anglophiles with an affinity for the British Isles.
Health care startups are booming, and this three word descriptive name is an excellent name for a site, app, or company that will help keep up with demand.
A short and memorable name from 'pix' and 'sense' with strong connections to photography and graphic design.
A variation of 'thermostat', a device that helps regulates temperature, or activates a device when the temperature reaches a certain point. It also combines the Romanian word for 'honest'.
A name that provokes, and yet connects much like its meaning in Slovenian, 'xig', which means 'needle'.
A new statistical way of churning out 'data', with the Finnish word for nice, 'kiva', making sure everyone plays fair.
Combine SEM, the Acronym for 'search engine marketing' and 'ninja' and you have a play on being covert and as a means of infiltration. Excellent for disseminating information and branding your business.
A 4 letter CVCV name that sounds like, 'hickey', suggesting something amorous. As an acronym, it can work for many different business ideas, creative and beyond.
Combine 'cup' and the suffix 'ster', meaning someone who is, or who is associated with, or who does something specified, and you have a thing that moves.
Forceful and spirited, combine 'dynamic' and 'flip', and this active name will help build your buiness and take you places.
Keep all facts at your fingertips, whatever the specifics, this can be a ready tool, whether as hard copy of in the digital domain.

Great service and I appreciate the uber-fast turnaround by the way. You've got a great business model going here. - Rich K.