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About Us

Thank you for visiting Namerific! We're a team of domain brand experts working out of the bustling, tech-savvy city of San Francisco, California. Our founder, Zane Gocha, has nearly a decade of experience in the domain branding industry. He has enabled numerous clients to discover that perfect ".com" domain name that they used to brand their startup, product name, web/mobile app, or other business ventures. He has brought this wealth of experience online and has turned brandable ".com" business name shopping from a frustrating headache into an easy online shopping experience. Our marketplace at Namerific lists hundreds of pre-selected ".com" domain names that are reasonably priced and ready-for-use on the front of your next business card!

Our clients range from individual entrepreneurs, to bootstrapped startups, web development companies, investment firms, and even Fortune 500 companies. They all need the same thing... a great ".com" domain that they can use to brand their company, software, hardware, application, product, service, or organization.

Unfortunately, in the last decade, millions of great domains have been registered, and are very difficult to acquire by the average person.  If you can think of a cool business name, the matching ".com" is probably already registered to somebody else. You can try contacting the domain owner, but chances are they either won't respond, or they will -- with a huge price tag that is completely unrealistic. Searching for a great business name that has an 'obtainable' ".com" available to match is incredibly difficult, and this is why Namerific has become a leading source for individuals and companies seeking to create that new brand they need.

One of the most important things any company or individual can do when starting a new business venture is to pick the right name. This sounds easy, but in this day and age, we assure you -- it's not.  Many branding agencies charge their clients hundreds of thousands of dollars (in some cases, millions) to find the right name for their new business. In many cases, the client still needs to go out and acquire the matching .com domain. This is why Namerific has made the entire brand-searching process a bit like shopping at your favorite supermarket, where you can browse through hundreds of different products and find exactly what you are looking for -- whoever you are -- at a reasonable price!

By working with our partners in the domain industry, our team has been able to acquire great ".com" domains that have been vetted through our selective branding process. This process ensures that our marketplace only features the best domains currently available for sale. Additionally, our team works with linguistics professionals to create fascinating and unique new brands!

Our vetting process also checks that the domain you pick for your new venture is unlikely to be similar to any other product name out there. For example, you won't find or listed in our marketplace... We want you to be comfortable knowing that we've taken the steps to significantly increase the chances of your name being completely original.

So, now that you've gotten to know us a bit, it looks like it's time you had a look at our list of names and see what works for your new project! Need help? Let us know! We're always here to assist you.

Happy hunting!

The Namerific Team

Great service and I appreciate the uber-fast turnaround by the way. You've got a great business model going here. - Rich K.