3 Reasons Why You Should Own Your Digital Real Estate

Before I get started, let me first explain what a digital real estate is. I know this may sound new to some of you, or you’ve probably heard of it before. But for those of you who may not be familiar with the term, a digital real estate is a piece of resource in the internet that you can own, control and even monetize from in the form of domain or website ownership. Much like real estate, the concept is pretty much the same. A person can have ownership of a land or house, have control over what he chooses to do with his land and even monetize from his own real estate. So why is it important for you to have your own digital real estate on the internet? There are far too many reasons why you should own one; however, I’m going to enumerate three important reasons why you should get your own digital real estate.

You’re the Master of Your Own Domain

Some people would argue that having a Facebook Page, Twitter Account or Instagram is enough to have an exposure for them online. What they don’t realize is that while they can run their business with these other social media platforms, they are still bound by the Terms and Conditions from these sites.  And as we already know, they often change their Terms and Conditions every now and then, making your business vulnerable. Maybe you can think of it like this. It’s like renting an apartment. There’s only a certain extent as to what you can do with your apartment, but your landlord still makes the rules that you have to abide to. Maybe one day he’ll decide to raise your rent and there’s nothing you can do about it. However, if you own your digital real estate, you can do as you please with your domain. You are the landlord.

You’re Securing The Future of Your Business

You have an existing business, and maybe you’re making decent money out of it. But the reality is there are also other businesses out there that are just like you.  Owning your own digital real estate allows you to have the upper hand. While there may be other business out there that is similar to yours, you have the opportunity to make yourself the recognized authority within your industry.  People want to transact business with those who they trust. Gaining exposure over your competitors by owning a digital real estate equates to more sales.

Digital Real Estate is Global

Owning a business isn’t enough these days. There’s more to it than just operating your business within one locality. With the sudden explosion of the internet, everyone is given the chance to access every possible information they need to look for online.  And every business is also given the chance to reach out to other customers out there with the help of the internet. You also have the opportunity to showcase your business to the world and with a digital real estate you have the chance to stand out over your competitors.

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