How to choose a unique business name

So you’ve decided to take the leap of faith and start your own business. Now comes the challenge of getting your creative juices flowing for company name ideas. But how does one come up with an eye-catching and unique business name? With stiff competition and innovative businesses from each industry blooming, brainstorming potential business name ideas can make you feel like you’re stuck between a rock and a hard place. The trick is to keep it simple, whilst maintaining both originality and ultimately, memorability.

Below are 8 tips and tricks you should consider when brainstorming company name ideas:

  • Decide what you want your name to communicate: Reinforce the key elements of your business; the more your name communicates about your business, the less effort you must exert to explain it. Developing a niche and a mission statement help you pinpoint elements you want to highlight in your name.
  • Envisage your Target Market: A name must appeal to the kind of customers you’re trying to attract. Choosing a comforting or familiar name that conjures up pleasant memories is the way to go. Steer away from long and confusing names. Cute puns that only you understand are also a definite no no.
  • Get creative: because virtually every existing word has been trademarked, coining a name could be another viable option. Such names can be more meaningful than existing words. But tread this path cautiously, as made up words aren’t the right solution for everyone. Another route you could take is to use new forms or spellings of existing words. Once you have a few potential names, do a trademark search to make sure your new name doesn’t infringe on any trademarking laws.
  • Ensure your name is legally available: Check trademark databases, make a quick Google search for your name, and when you’re in the clear, start filing a trademark application for your business name — this process will determine whether the name is available to use, and if so, it’ll result in you having your name trademarked and secured.
  • Your name should be easy to spell: How can you confirm this? Test it! Tell 10 or more people your company name and if all or most of them can’t get it right within the first two attempts of spelling it, you’d best be looking for an alternative.
  • Fit the vibe/ energy of the name to your business: Understand what the core values of it is, and try to reflect these core values in your business name.
  • KISS: Keep it short and simple. Leonardo Da Vinci said it best when he said: “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”. When it comes to names, less is more and the essence in a short and catchy name, carries a far better punch than a long and complicated one.
  • Think outside the box: nobody likes a copycat, and potential customers won’t be impressed by your unoriginality either.

Remember: Your name is your first step towards building a strong company image – one that you want to last and keep you in business. To get some great ideas on unique business names or to purchase domain names online, visit our list of available domains now.

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