4 Reasons Why Shorter Domain Names are the Way to Go

4 Reasons Why Shorter Domain Names are the Way to GoContrary to popular belief, size does actually matter – but when it comes to domain names, bigger isn’t always necessarily better. More often than not, shorter domain names will allow you to create an online presence that is catchy, unique, and easy to remember.

Make it memorable
Having a domain name that’s too long makes it harder for potential users to remember it and therefore find your website. Minimising the length and altogether avoiding characters such as numbers, hyphens, and unusual spellings will help users to remember you and find your website with ease.

It’s easier – everywhere
Nowadays, a lot of people rely on their smartphones as a means of accessing the Internet. Given the importance of mobiles, it’s important to choose a domain that is easy to type on a small screen and on the go for your customers’ convenience.

Reflect your brand
Shorter domain names help to clearly reflect a brand and its focus, vision, and core values. Ask yourself the following questions to help you reach the perfect domain name:

– What do you stand for?
– Who do you want to target?
– What makes you different?
– How and why are you useful and relevant to users?
– What makes you better than your competitors?

Shorter domain names – the benefits
Further to the previous point, your domain name can be used as a powerful marketing tool. A carefully chosen domain name can focus users’ attention on what you do and why you’re their best bet, and it can also improve your marketing efforts in the following ways:

  • It boosts SEO – If your domain name is memorable and descriptive, it will generate more clicks, giving you higher rankings in Google and thus making your website – and furthermore, your brand – more successful.
  • Differentiation – Some may argue that an exact match to your company name or a keyword-loaded domain name is superior, but these domains run the risk of getting lost among other similar domains. A short and catchy domain is much more likely to establish strong market positioning.
  • Brand Stickiness – It goes without saying that online marketing is crucial, but the world outside the Internet is also immensely important. Offline marketing success depends on users’ ability to remember your brand – meaning not only your message, but also your domain name. A quick and easy domain name is sure to improve retention and drive success.

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