Specialized Domain Names: The Secret Weapon to Sale Boosting

In today’s updated technology and e-commerce world, Omnichannel retailers need a universal call to action that embraces every customer point of contact. One thing that offers the perfect solution for this is having a memorable and meaningful domain name.

In digital advertising, web addresses serve as handy direct links to sales landing pages, and they also work in the analog world, from TV and radio to billboards and bus ads.

Over the past two years, there has been a rise in the domain name, with nearly 1,000 new extensions introduced, and the domain name has never been a more effective call to action. Here are some ways retailers can benefit from this development:

Boost Loyalty Programs

In marketing and retailing, loyalty programs are a very big business. In 2015, 62% of retailers boosted their loyalty programs, and 46% considered the programs to be a top priority. Having a relevant and memorable domain name provides a logical shortcut to boost traffic to your loyalty club, without requiring a new web page. The concept of having a domain as a shortcut can also apply to special offers, sales, events, and reviews.

Location-Based Domain Names

As location-based domain namess start becoming more available, it makes more sense for a business to have a domain name that includes their city or country, especially for retailers that operate across a host of locations. Using these geo-based or location-based domain names offers a great solution to directing and differentiating web traffic efficiently.

No More QR Codes

While many retailers love QR codes, customers don’t always share the same sentiment. Only 21% of American consumers said that they had ever scanned a QR code, with only 2% of those doing so daily. Many consumers don’t even have the right app to scan the codes. A short and memorable domain name is far more effective, as consumers don’t require a special app, and they can remember and access the page whenever and wherever they want.

With the recent explosion of new domain name options, brand recognition and sales can be boosted across all platforms, providing huge opportunities for businesses across the world.


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