Strategies for a Successful Business Branding

How do you come up with a business name that is unique and memorable? You need to employ some strategies to come up with a business name that promotes the success of your business. Even though it may be easy to come up with a business name-you may come up with several business names, but selecting the final one that most suits and rhymes with operations of your business in the challenge. Branding your business is the doorway to showcasing your products and services, therefore a business name needs to be nothing but striking. Keeping this in mind, here are strategies for a successful business branding.

business brandingUse Simple, Recognizable Names

Some business names referring to products or services we use every day have become household names. They became familiar to us so quickly because they are real names. This is a strategy of capitalizing on familiarity of a word by choosing on a name that already exists as part of a new business name, for example, business names like Amazon, Twitter, and Adobe. These businesses became successful by choosing simple, recognizable names as their business names. Most people today cannot confuse the word Amazon the first instance you mention the name to them. They will immediately tell you that Amazon is an online retailer and not a vast forest. On the other hand it is hard to obtain .com domain names for real world names and very difficult to protect.

Use of a Descriptive Name May Not Be a Good Idea After All

Even though descriptive naming is easy to understand and informative about the business, they are not unique, and are far too common. In fact they lack appeal, are boring and not worthy of trademark protection. On the other hand use of descriptive name makes people have a clue what your business is about. For example, “Super Cuts” gives an idea that the business deals with cuttings, and the cuttings are super or fantastic. In marketing point of view, it introduces and sells the business quickly. However, descriptive names are associated with lack of creativity and innovation.

Making Use of Two Common Words

You can come up with two common words to make one new name; a compound name, and concept. Compound naming tends to be unique and interesting, more so if you come up with a combination of words that are typically used together, or ones that rhyme together. Furthermore, compound business names are easy to remember because of their memorability and uniqueness. For example, FireFox and SalesForce. Another point-compound naming attracts curiosity, which is a good thing for business as people wanting to know more about your business make them also know more about your products and services.

Compound naming offers a lot of word options with endless possibilities because there is virtually no end to the number of winning combinations that can be created. On the other hand it may be tough employing compound naming as it has the tendency to carry more characters than other business naming strategies. To avoid this, don’t use any compound name that exceeds ten characters. Just keep it short and sweet, and you will love it.

Blending Two Words

Blending two words that are simply blends of other words, words with prefixes or suffixes affixed or even misspelled common words can make your business boom. Such blending makes it fun to think of two unrelated words. For example, naming an internet browser “NetScape” from the words internet and landscape, an internet landscape. Example of highly successful businesses that came up with cool business names from blending include Wikipedia, from encyclopedia; Google, from “googol”; and Cisco, from San Francisco.

Pick on a Brandable Name

Startups and even established businesses always looks for ways of creating a brand, and building brand awareness. A brand name is a business name that consumers always relate to, and along with it your products or services. It is easy to protect a Brandable name, and is one of the simplest and most effective ways of achieving uniqueness for the product or service your business sells. Branding is achieved as consumers use your product and enjoy your product, therefore developing an attachment with your business name as well. Having a Brandable name is a big advantage for any company, across all industries, because it stops competition from other associated businesses.

The name you choose for your business has an influence on the success or failure of your business. Your business name is the doorway to the products and services your business offers. Review these strategies carefully to come up with an informed business name, a name that will resonate with your customers and attract curiosity.

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