The Logo – A Piece To The Branding Puzzle

It’s an age-old question. What makes a great brand? Well ok, maybe not age-old. But the last century has made the importance of a company brand vital for start-ups. Now more than ever, with so much competition online, first impressions could be the difference between attracting or repelling first time visitors to your website. Let’s face it, good or bad, the effect of your brand is immediate and lasting.A great name & domain go a long way, but another large piece of the branding puzzle is the logo. Think about when you surf the web. When you see a company’s logo how does is resonate with you? Does it look professional or amateur? Does it inspire trust? What makes a great logo and what are the common traits of leading brands?


A great logo does a lot more than just identify a business or product name. It helps express a company’s core values. Typography, color, and design elements all come together to create a visual representation for that business. Often people think that the more information crammed into a logo the better. This is not necessarily the case. If text, symbols, and taglines are put together incorrectly it can really hurt the overall concept. A crowded logo can come across as disorganized, which potential customers directly relate to your company. A cluttered logo can be too much for a viewer to easily process and therefore is visually unappealing. Often simplicity really is the answer.


If a company chooses a wordmark there should be something interesting about it. Customizing a font by altering letter structure is a great way to add personality and uniqueness by transforming a simple word into an attractive logo. If a symbol is used, any real life images that relate to the company should be broken down into more basic shapes for easier and quicker visual processing.

Look at Google, Target, Nike, Disney, or Apple. These are some of the leading brands in the world. Part of the reason their logos are so recognizable is their brilliant simplicity. A clean and simple logo is easy to remember which promotes brand recognition and gives a strategic advantage over competition. It also promotes trust with potential customers, which leads to brand loyalty. Sure some of this is a bit subliminal, but welcome to the world of branding.


When you choose a logo remember that it doesn’t have to be overdone. It doesn’t have to come with numerous bells and whistles. A simple solution with an interesting identifier will go a long way for brand recognition. With so many new start-ups forming every month it is vital to make your company stand out. Help it by choosing a logo that speaks to your target audience and is industry appropriate.

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