Trademarking Your Brand Name

One of the conveniences of doing business via the web is that a plethora of information is available all from the comforts of your home. Namerific will help streamline the process by helping you find a carefully selected commercial brandable name to help launch you to success. All too often, new startups, entrepreneurs, can’t afford the more traditional branding agency, which is why Namerific makes the process more affordable with a great name and eye-catching logo ready to brand your business, product or idea. The next step—trademarking you name.

It’s important to protect your interests by trademarking your brand name. Don’t make the mistake of waiting or assuming that just because you have the name, you are protected. The importance of the trademark is to protect yourself, it’s important that your brand is unique to you and isn’t being used by someone else in a similar industry and niche. You want to prevent anyone from anyone using your name or likeness before you start investing resources, monies, development and time. So do yourself a favor and begin the search now!

You can do a preliminary search through, this will give you a general overview of names, slogans, or even logos. You can also acquire the necessary paperwork via In either case you’ll bypass the lawyer, who can charge in the $1500+ range. Please keep in mind the time to register a trademark ranges from 18-36 months, depending on objections either by the trademark office or other parties as well as how quickly, products or services are brought to market after the application is filed.

Because the process can take awhile, it’s best not to get too ahead of yourself. Do your due diligence, please take the time to copyright, patent and/or trademark, sooner rather than later. Taking the necessary legal steps will help you avoid having to change your name should you run into any problems. All the more reason to pick something unique,  a made-up, nonsensical name is often times best. Not only will that set you apart but it will make the trademark process more efficient, and make it less likely you’ll run into any problems. Start by selecting one of our names and don’t forget to start the trademark process as soon as you do!

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