The Worst Business Names in History

The Worst Business Names in HistorySelecting a name for your business can be both the most exciting and frustrating task of being a business owner. Essentially, coming up with great company name ideas is like thinking of a name for your child. Just like a baby’s name, a business name can heavily impact its future and fate.

Therefore, it’s always sensible to err on the more conservative side when naming your business. Needless to say, Namerific was curious to find out and share some of the worst business names in history.

F*#xing Lovely, South Korea
If you travel to South Korea, you might be shocked by the otherwise reserved and lovely women and children wearing shirts filled with English blasphemy. Whoever created these shirts clearly didn’t understand English profanity or – even worse – did.

Phartronics Engineering
Based in Oklahoma, this engineering company specializes in building measuring devices. Whatever their receptionist earns yearly, it’s visibly not enough for all the gastrointestinal wit he or she is subjected to on a regular basis.

This biotech company based in Delaware sells thin layer chromatography plates. Check out their web site, and you can see how they regularly mention thin layer chromatography as TLC (TLC plates), which in itself carries a double entendre.

Morning Wood Design Furniture
A furniture company based in Korea, it’s somewhat understandable that the double meaning of “morning wood” would be lost on the Korean owners. Evidently this is where language barriers come into play at their best.

Bunghole Liquors
Despite the rational explanation behind the name (a bunghole is a small hole drilled into a wooden barrel, such as a wine barrel) this doesn’t negate the unfortunate name choice for this liquor shop situated in Massachusetts. However, in this case, the owners are completely conscious of the double meaning and play it up recurrently in their adverts. Case in point, their website affirms, “We’re not #1, butt we’re right up there!”. They also sell t-shirts that suggest, “Don’t like it? Turn the other cheek.”

Pho King
The name is pronounced similarly to the common American curse word. Yet this Vietnamese restaurant is still very popular in California. Asian restaurants in general seem prone to these sort of unfortunate double meanings. If this made you chuckle, then check out the Phat Phuc Noodle Bar in London, England.

Killer for Hire
A Louisiana-based exterminator business, similar to Bunghole Liquors, it has relished its slightly crass name by actually using a mobster cartoon character in their logo. However, had this business been based in New York or Chicago, perhaps the mob and organized crime undertones would have hit a bit too close to home to be in good taste.

S & M Family Outlet
This small retail shop that sells discount women’s clothing and assorted housewares in Texas and Louisiana. Surprisingly, it’s received some nice Yelp reviews. But we urge you to make sure when you search for it online, you type in “s&m family outlet” and not “s&m clothing” because that second one will take you … erm, elsewhere.

What’s in a name? Well for starters a whole lot of jokes, memes, and the kind of second glances you wouldn’t want if you choose an unfortunate one! You need to recognise the fact that some names might have derogatory, racist or even sexist undertones. Others just don’t make any sense in another country or language.

Luckily, Namerific has got you covered to help you come up with unique business names and avoid the above blunders. So click here to check out our website for further indispensable tips and tricks.

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