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How to Choose Brandable Domain Names

When you think about putting up a business, you also think about how you are going to live with it for a long time, given that you are committed to it that it will take that long enough. It is amazing how little thought some business have given for their business names, which is why most of them go down the drain even before the year ends. Most startups look at the name as some sort of a personal choice instead of marketing or branding strategy or just a legal necessity just to put up their business. Provided the complexities added into consumer psychology, confusion or global search competition, unavailable brandable domain names and even the need for the differentiation, it can be very well worth the time in hiring someone that is familiar with branding and getting brandable domain names in helping you not only develop the best creative options, but even help you objectively with evaluating them and in the end pick the best options.

Here are some pointers to start with when getting your business name.

How a brandable name is created

There are various strategies in name branding, unique and multiple forms and types of names including different ways on evaluating and critiquing them. The process of choosing a brandable domain name is very complex that even when you get to the point of the resulting name, you’ll find it in the end that it will become simple. Most of the time, the simpler names get its process and strategy more rigorous, and you get to explore more options, too.

What you’ll be focusing more here is how the names can effectively be translated into a domain space or also on how to develop a domain that is indeed considered “brandable”.

In a lot of cases, when people think about “brandable domains” they usually think about domains that are not in relation with keywords that doesn’t have any specific meaning at all. While the domain and name itself might possibly have a direct meaning or reference to the product or business, the domains do not specifically have to spell it out. Rather, they convey, qualities, values or character of the service, product or brand. The non-descriptive domains mostly build up strong value of the brand through time and they are also less likely to have been registered into domains. It also allow the brand to have flexibility as they are not associated or tagged permanently with a narrowly descriptive category.