How to Get Catchy Business Names

Many start-ups today always get stuck when thinking about getting catchy business names. If you are one of these start-ups, chances are you think that the name will greatly influence the success of your business. Here are some ways that you can get your business name as catchy as the coolest company names you’ve heard in your lifetime.

How your name communicates

You start with deciding on how the name will communicate to people. The name must reinforce the key factors that forms your business. The work you do in developing a mission statement and niche for your business will be your basis on what elements in your business you prefer to be emphasized.

The more your name is able to communicate to your consumers regarding your business, the less time it will take you to explain what your business is about. Many naming experts advise to entrepreneurs wherein they should prioritize real words or various combinations words with fabricated words. People mostly prefer with names that they can understand and easily relate to. This is also the reason why naming firms reject strings of initials or numbers because they think this is a quite a bad choice to do.

There is also another perspective wherein it is possible for catchy business names to be meaningful, too. The common pitfalls for this would be generic or geographical names. An example, which is a fictional one, “San Diego Disk Drives.” Yet if this is how you are going to name your company, what if you plan to expand beyond San Diego? What kind of meaning will you provide for consumers if you were to expand to Pittsburgh or Chicago? And also, what if the company is going to diversify its offers beyond disk drives like computer manuals or software? These are just some things that you should carefully think about when considering catchy business names.

So how can you make a name both broad and meaningful? Descriptive names will tell something really concrete and solid about a business. This means where it performs, the location and many more. The suggestive names are more on the abstract side. They focus more on what kind of things the business does and offer.

One thing that will help you get a clearer picture of how names are came up with is by considering the “Italiatour”, a name recently created that aids in promoting packaged tours to a place suggested in the name - Italy. Even though “Italiatour” is not a word you’d find in a dictionary, the name suggests a lot of meaning and customers are able to recognize right away what the company specializes in. What makes it even better is that the name suggests you are going to travel to a different country.

When you choose catchy business names, whether the business is an online store or the usual brick-and-mortar one, you have to keep in mind the tips that are being suggested above.