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NOM is a dictionary word which suggests expression of eating, or a sound thereof. Also could mean a sexually suggestive action upon either a male or female, one would use the lips and not so much the teeth, avoicing a chomp chomp like action. As an acronym, NOM means many things, NOM National Organization for Marriage, NOM Natural Organic Matter, NOM Nominal, NOM Nomenclature, NOM Naissance on Melrose, NOM Noble Metal, NOM Network Object Model (Microsoft), NOM No Offence Meant, NOM Natural Organic Material, NOM Nation of Men, NOM Nintendo Official Magazine, NOM National Online Meeting, NOM New Order Mormon (religion), NOM Nominate/Nominee, NOM Not Original Motor , NOM NAS Operations Manager, NOM No Other Message, NOM Northern on Main, NOM Net Operation Margin, NOM Network Operation Phone, NOM Novus Ordo Missae , NOM Notice of Modification, NOM Norma Oficial Mexicana, NOM Nominative , NOM Number of Methods.

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